Positioning Path – Time to think beyond End Positioning?

Something I wrote more than two years back. Republishing it.

Cavincare for a lot of Indians is a household name. The originally Southern company that made its mark with Chic is now trying to expand its wings across…

‘Spinz’ the Talcum, Deo & Dab-on brand of Cavinkare is one such product which might become a significant business for the company. Few facts…

  1. 600 Crore talcum market,
  2. 55% market share for Ponds Dreamflower talc & Ponds dream flower magic.
  3. J&J is the second guy in market with 10% share (near domination in kid powders)
The respective positionings of all players as espoused via their respective TVC’s


Target Segment

Positioning Path

Ultimate Positioning

Ponds DFT

Middle-Aged Women


Confidence in social interactions

Ponds Magic

Young Women


Attraction of Opposite Sex




Life Non Stop Fun

As per marketing team of Cavinkare at IIMB workshop, they wanted to establish Spinz as a brand that is associated with fun, a positioning that is not taken by anybody in the talcum market. The marketing team decided upon this positioning after a lot of consumer research and was pretty confident about its success.

In blind tests for better fragrance, the competition was beaten hands down. Same was the case with their innovative packaging. Response from market was good. Great going till here… But consumers still were not buying the product (3% market share… growth rates were good, but with that kind of differentiated positioning, the potential was much higher), and the marketing team was left wondering what went wrong.

Well this is a typical case of undifferentiated positioning path. While the final desired positioning is pretty clear and differentiated; the way TVC’s reach that path is not.

To make matters worse, the TVC’s of Spinz only remind you about the Ponds advertisements. They show males swarming the female model during most of the ad, and frankly the only difference I found in this advertisement when compared to Ponds Magic was the model they were using.

Also, the fragrance of Spinz in market is Rose and Lavendar, the two fragrances ponds is known for. So again no differentiation here.

They should change their positioning path to something else instead of fragrance. But then the investment in the fragrance had been huge. So may be, they can keep Fragrance as main idea and change the way the TVC’s are made. Spinz is pure fun and Ads should communicate that in a humorous and hip way.

Other thing they can do is to launch new fragrances in market, (Presumption is that a new teenager is a prosumer and will like to move beyond what has been on offer for years) and move beyond Rose and Lavendar.

Moving over, a major hiccup for the company has been the low market share of Spinz especially in North; possibly because of not that great S & D structure.

Now I don’t know much about inter company relations, but I see no conflicts between Cavinkare and ColPal, which might form a amazing set of channel collaborators. Albeit such stuff in actual boardrooms is a matter of fantasies.